DIY – Cotton Snowball Kissing Ball

 It’s almost Christmas!  Well, ok we about 2 more months.  But since Target is already discounting Halloween items and stacking shelves with Christmas decor, why have a DIY winter decor blog post ?!  Here’s how to make your own hanging snowball backdrop for photos or dessert bar!

Materials Needed: 
  • styrofoam balls (various sizes)
  • 1 bag of cotton balls
  • all purpose glue
  • clear or white thread (for hanging) – not pictured
  • pins (for hanging) – not pictured


Step 1: Unroll the cotton balls

Step 2: Strech the unrolled cotton ball, almost like creating a spider web decor

Step 3: Generously cover styrofoam ball using the streched cotton.

Step 4: Continue covering styrofoam ball with cotton. (TIP: It will take about 15-20 cotton balls per 4" styrofoam ball).

Step 5: Ta-Da! To hang the snowballs, insert 1 pin into top of snowball and tie string around pin. Cut string at various lengths for hanging.

Guests loved it!

You can also mix in some clear ornaments and fill them with faux snow! (Clear ornaments found at Walmart or Target). You can ALSO make mini versions of these diy tissue pom poms and mix it up!

clear ornament filled snowflakes

 And here’s the the homemade No-Bake Snowball Cookies to go with it! 

White Christmas in LA!

I finally have a chance to blog all that I’ve been doing the past several months.  The most recent is our “White Christmas in LA” event!  LA can have a white christmas too!  Our annual christmas party (in which this is the first one I am blogging about) took place in none other than Santa Monica, CA! 

Our venue was at the ever quaint and growing Funnel Mill Rare Coffee & Tea shop, after hours. My dear friends Teresa and JC allowed SignatureK to host our annual christmas party for the 2nd year in a row (they’ve been open for 3 years). Here are some photos!

prep! our first snow ball up.. see it!? HUGE thanks to Vince! (on the ladder)  =)
the pine cones made the whole place smell like christmas and cinnamon!
Ornament Sugar Cookie from Sweet & Saucy Shop!  mmMmm  (see the holes in the cookies for hanging??!)
closeup of the snow balls!  tune in later to see how these niffty crafty balls are made!
Dessert area! MmMmm…
Me and Tina, of In The Clouds Events
Me and my long time friend, Navi and her husband (she is 6 months prego here!)
Teresa, my dear friend and co-owner of Funnel Mill!