White Christmas in LA!

I finally have a chance to blog all that I’ve been doing the past several months.  The most recent is our “White Christmas in LA” event!  LA can have a white christmas too!  Our annual christmas party (in which this is the first one I am blogging about) took place in none other than Santa Monica, CA! 

Our venue was at the ever quaint and growing Funnel Mill Rare Coffee & Tea shop, after hours. My dear friends Teresa and JC allowed SignatureK to host our annual christmas party for the 2nd year in a row (they’ve been open for 3 years). Here are some photos!

prep! our first snow ball up.. see it!? HUGE thanks to Vince! (on the ladder)  =)
the pine cones made the whole place smell like christmas and cinnamon!
Ornament Sugar Cookie from Sweet & Saucy Shop!  mmMmm  (see the holes in the cookies for hanging??!)
closeup of the snow balls!  tune in later to see how these niffty crafty balls are made!
Dessert area! MmMmm…
Me and Tina, of In The Clouds Events
Me and my long time friend, Navi and her husband (she is 6 months prego here!)
Teresa, my dear friend and co-owner of Funnel Mill!