White+Sweet Blush Colored Flowers

I had the perfect arrangement in my for my cousin’s birthday gift.  I knew she wanted something white for her for her dining room table, so I thought:  Let’s take all the white flowers that I love and mesh it all together (in a tasteful way of course) with a touch of color!

This was initially arranged in a white  ceramic container.  But only after I had finished, did I realize there was a hairline crack in the container. So, I grabed the nearest wooden one  and switched it out! I’m so glad it happened because the wooden container was just the perfect match for these beautiful flowers. 

This arrangement has tons of different flowers (I kindda went crazy):  hydrangeas, roses, stock, bells of ireland, dahlias, lilies, scabiosas pods, and astilbe.  Happy Birthday Karlene!


And just for a little fun, if this were wedding flowers.. here’s the bouquet:

White and sweet blush stock hand-tied bouquet and matching arrangement

 Have a lovely day!