Sneak Peek: Yvonne & Jason’s Hawaii Wedding

I’ve been in Hawaii many times, but never to work a wedding.  So this time, I had the privilage to work with the super duper organized and fashion savvy bride, Yvonne, on her dream wedding to Jason.  This was an extra special event for me as it was a destination wedding, I was the florist & the reception coordinator (ceremony coordinator Gail Alviar) , plus Yvonne and I worked on this event since she got engaged!  And the ultimate PLUS, Yvonne is my new official cousin by marriage!  Extra special I tell you!

OK, so there are ups and downs of being the florist AND the coordinator, but it’s all worth it!  Destinations take extra extra planning (on the bride’s part and all the vendors that are NOT local).  Also, be prepared for shipping fees if you can’t find what you need on the island!.  BUT again, it’s all worth it, we had a dream wedding that was “jaw dropping “, said the groom himself!  Here are some rough prep photos for your imagination!   Official blog to be posted a bit later, so come back soon.