Movie Poster – Exclusive Wedding Invitation

It’s time to update you on the unique invitations that Tina, Jayson, and I came up with. Since OK! magazine was used as our “breaking news” / save-the-date cards, we thought it appropriate to keep in line with the “hollywood” thing. Since I LOVE chick flicks, we decided to star in our own chickflick (aka wedding) and have our “movie” be the premiere event invitation! Let it be known that the final invitation design that you see took a long time coming! Jayson and I started with the idea of taking off where my favorite chickflick left off — How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

We would take some engagement pictures riding together on our scooter; or we would take pictures with the SD and LA in our background, respectively his and mine; or Tina suggested having a storyline of something like “Big time lawyer meets small shop owner!” In anycase, Jayson and I ran out of time to take real engagement photos, so we had to take our own, just the two of us and a tripod in the comfort of our own little condo.

Off went the pictures to Tina to do her magic of croping out our livingroom and replacing with many different backgrounds.. and tweeking the brightness, contrast, feathering, text, font, .. basically every little thing! At one point we (3 of us) were talking about going to Michael’s craft store and buying template invitations in yellow and grey as it was just EASIER! We ALMOST gave up, but then we tried one last edit session and magic happened!

Our movie-poster inspired wedding invitations (back + front)


Close-up of the wedding "credits"... and in fuschia, the Opening Date!

I am ever so thankful for Tina and the long hours she put into making our invitation idea come to light; especially the hours trying to fine alternative solutions to emailing a super mega file size that won’t go through email! Here is a sneak peak at the final product that left my hand and into the USPS care today: