Sex and The City 2

What happens after you say I DO ?   

If you’re like me, you’ve talked about it with your handful of close girls.  Somehow it always seems that what happens after Carrie says I DO is far more fabulous. So, I’m living vi-carrie-ously, as she continues to live in NY and travels to Abu Dabi!  =)  

I’ve been excited about SATC2 since there was talk about a second.  And I was even more excited while in NYC on Valentines Day and Fashion Week and saw this across the street from Bryant Park:   

NYC - Feb 2010

 And now it’s finally ALMOST here! May 27th !   Too bad I have a wedding to coordinate on SATC’s opening day. Anyone want to see it Friday?! (I’m not looking forward to Miranda’s wardrobe for Abu Dabi if it’s anything like the trailer’s end; love the others though!).  


 Movie posters were found on
View the official trailer HERE!

The last poster reminded me of my movie-poster inspired wedding invitations  and it is currently inspiring me to possibly design a sequal poster to document ‘what happens after we said I DO’… just for kicks. =)  Maybe I’ll title it:  “I’m Yours Too”  … that was too easy!