DIY: Creative Photobooth Backdrops

A super unique element that you can easily DIY for your wedding is a photo backdrop!  It makes ALL the difference, and is for SURE a big BANG for your buck!  There are many different areas in which you can use a backdrop to add a lot of fun and personality to your wedding.   DIY backdrops can be done in advance of your wedding and on a budget!   Here are the areas in which to consider a backdrop: 

1. cake table / dessert table
2. rented photo booth
3. open photo op area
4. ceremony backdrop
5. head table / sweatheart table

Here are some of my favorite unique backdrops.  Again.. be creative and stick to YOUR wedding look/feel.

(1) This first one is super labor intensive but so worth it for uniqueness! Photographer, Brandon Kidd, made his own backdrop for his wedding. I’m sure as a photographer he’s seen it all… except this one!  He cut various size trunks of trees to make this DIY photo backdrop. Incidently, after the wedding, he put this to use in the bedroom as their headboard!  (I hope this inspires all you grooms out there!) Read more on the making of his backdrop here

Also, their dessert table backdrop goes with the natural/organic theme.  the little white dots on the backdrop is cotton!  The desserts were made by the amazing Melody of Sweet & Saucy Shop, who was my wedding baker as well!  She is!!!… and super-duper-sweet too!

(2) This backdrop is FUN, Feminine, and Retro!  Props are easy to get at your local party/costume store and the backdrop can be made purchasing a few yards of your favorite fabric or even using your existing flat bedsheet (if it goes along with your wedding colors).  Read more on this from Green Wedding Shoes here .


(3) Instead of props, you could use a single chalkboard or whiteboard and have your guests write a short message!   The hung the quilt on a clothesline and called it a day! How fun! Read more on this from Style Me Pretty, featured here.



(4) This backdrop incorporates various family photos in color and black and white, mounted on black paper as the border with red/white title labels.  Four to five photos are strung together on a red ribbon and hung from a PVC pipe covered with shear curtains.  Read more about this on The Knot, featured here.



(5)  A super cute backdrop that is really simple to do!  Just hang 2-3 ribbon in your weddingcolors.  Alternate the ribbon colors randomly or in a pattern (like the one shown here). You can also use different widths of ribbon and even different patterns. Then add your names, monogram, image, or something like “Love Is Sweet” or “Eat Cake!”.  I loove this understated cake made again by Melody!



(6) This MAY be my fav.. but that’s just because it’s the backdrop in MY wedding!  A bride is always in the spotlight on the wedding day… so, why not mimic your own Red Carpet walkway!!   This can be done if you have an indoor or outdoor reception.  This is called a step-repeat backdrop, much like those you see at celeb events.  I opted to feature 4 different logos as “sponsors” of the wedding:  SignatureK (of course!), In The Clouds Events (my MoH’s company),  Home Grown Blends HGB (my hubby’s DJ company), and our wedding logo that said “kien jayson” with a cupcake illustration inserted between our names (you can kind of see it on the right s side of the image below).   The logos were printed on 8 ft x 8 ft vinyl  material and proped up by free-standing PVC pipes.  Read more on my “hollywood beach wedding galahere and floral prep here.  =)


  Last but not least, one of my favorites.  If I got married again, I would totally pick an open landscape area like this and build my own rustic indoor ceremony setting, outside!  I LOVE this yellow dresser as THE pop of color in this neutral outdoor space. I’m sure this takes as much work as the round tree trunk backdrop, but sooo worth it.  To pull this off, you definately need a few helping hands .. to help you design a similar ceremony backdrop AND to install this for the DAY-OF!  Now do you know why a planner/coordinator (and even a designer) is so important!!?  It makes all the difference and can ensure your unique details are not overlooked!   Read more on this wedding on the Bellisima Vita blog.



Some backdrop TIPS:

  1. Determine your backdrop after you know your color scheme and/or the theme, look, and feel of your wedding. 
  2. Also after you know what color scheme and accent pieces will be in front of your backdrop.  For example, if you want to make a backdrop for your dessert table, consdider what your dessert display will look like (desert colors, trays/cake stand colors) and what other accent items (non-dessert; floral decor) will be added to your tablescape.
  3. If you are doing a background for a open photo op area, carry the image, monogram, color scheme, or just the look/feel that you chose to use throughout your wedding scheme and invitations into the background.
  4. Keep the background simple if you have an elaborate or busy tablescape that is going in front
  5. Make the backdrop fun and personal if you are doing a photo op area.
  6. Use props for a fun factor (ie. funny glasses, party hats, chalkboard (so guests can write a short message on hold it in the photo), etc.  Be creative!
  7. If you have a photo op area, be sure to work the photo op time with your photographer or make sure you have a 2nd or 3rd phtographer dedicated to takeing photos of your and your guests there throughout the reception duration.
  8. Make sure you have a free-standing support for it or make sure you can hang it via pins/tape it to the ceiling or wall.  (This is where hiring the Day-of Coordinator would help with all these set-up!)
  9. If you are stressing over how to incorporate all the things you love… hire a wedding designer/planner!  If you DIY, you should still hire a Coordinator to execute your desires to the “t” !