Tasting Desserts, Cupcakes, and Cakes

IMG_1453_smSeveral months ago, I was looking for a cake vendor for my wedding; cupcakes in particular. (My reception location charges a cake cutting fee of $3/person; or per slice). Cupcakes = no cutting fee!! After surfing the web for a decent vendor in SD to no avail, I stumbled onto Melody Brandon’s Sweet & Saucy Shop (of Long Beach, CA) and contacted her for a tasting. Exactly what I was looking for! I was a little hesitant because she was not local, but spending more time surfing to no avail and settling for something less desired was not worth it for me. I believe in always working with people you can trust and that understand a client’s vision to the “t”. I loved Melody the second I met her! AND her deserts taste good!

Some may think the desserts are a bit pricey, but I would say this: The difference in cost MORE THAN COMPENSATES for the assurance of dependability, quality, reliability, workmanship, and professionalism she provides! Preview of my dessert bar, with a little less black, more grey, and cupcakes.. and no swirly backdrop; too elaborate for me. =) Can’t wait!