The Ice Heart – NYC

Happy HEART Day everyone! 

The Ice Heart - Time Square. Installed on 2/12 and will melt through 2/22. Everyone is coming by daily to see the melting of the heart in progress! It is a bit FREEZING out, so hopefully the sun will help it some. What an inspiring concept!

 My hub and I decided to take a mini vaca to NYC for Vday and we’re enjoying every bit (the food, fashion, & crisp air).   We barely missed the eastcoast snow storm and had a very smooth pleasant flight. The day after we arrived, the Ice Heart was being installed in Time Square!  Such a treat to see it all done and melting sloooowly away!  Love being on this island this time of year. 

Here are some photos of the manufacturing process of the brick ice blocks!  Happy Valentines Day! 

(1) Okomoto Studio. Ice Block Fabrication.

(2) brick-sized Ice Blocks

(3) ready to be put in it's spot..

Day 1 - Installaton complete!

 For more photos and information on The Ice Heart:

Photos 1, 2, & 3 credit: Bjorn Wallander  
Architect: Moorhead & Moorhead
Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates
Lighting Designer: Tillett Lighting Design Inc.