Holiday Arrangements :: 2011

I am a summer girl all the way.  I can’t think well in the cold.  I’m even cold in the summer, sometimes. But … December is my favorite month. Go figure.  Maybe it’s because it’s my birth month? Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons… (ok, wishing of the changing of the seasons for southern Californians).  I just love the  gathering of friends and family, food, festivities, and all the decorations!  Every year, right about now, I start thinking about what color the christmas tree should be, the coordinating wrapping paper to be used…(you know, playing “martha stewart”)!  I also start to remenise about the holiday arrangements I did last year, and how to make it even LOVELY-er!

Last year I had several requests for floral arrangements using fruits! Oh how I loved this challenge!    Here are some photos from 2010, delivered successfully in the pouring rain may I add! I suppose you could call these “fruit baskets”, but… much more fabulous!

This year I am offering custom Holiday Arrangements again! 
Requirements for Holiday orders:

  • orders must be placed at least 1 week in advanced
  • orders need to be accompanied by any detail you have in mind for the arrangement, otherwise your arrangement will be up to … the floral designer, me! Details like..
      1. type of occasion/holiday
      2. recipient’s style (colors, flowers, other elements; ie. fruits, folliage)
      3. arrangement budget
      4. delivery date/address
  • to place order or inquire further, contact me via email ( or phone (818) 625-5752.  I will contact you to finalize the specifications of your LOVELY order!

Due to limitations at this time, I will only be able to take orders with delivery locations between San Diego to Orange County, California.  Thank you!

Let the holiday festivities (and shopping) begin!  Happy Wednesday!