Birdcage veil

sara gabriel - french veil netting

sara gabriel - french veil netting

I’m thinking of wearing a 1 or 2-layer fingertip veil for walking down the aisle and then switch to a cute bird-cage veil for picture taking and lunch reception.¬†For the bird cage veil, I found this Sara Gabriel one that was cute, but when I inquired, the retailer/designer said it was about $300! OK, I don’t want it THAT bad.
18" Russian veiling (white)

18 inch Russian veiling (white)

So I started to look online on how to make my own. I searched for russian and french netting and milinery suppliers. I ended up buy a yard of white Russian veiling from and two pins for a total of $27 (including shipping). Now I will have to take a closer look at some pictures and replicate. Stay tuned!