Family Crest Engraved Wedding Invitation

I’m looove recieving wedding invitations. It’s always a unique experience because each invitation is different and I’m always thinking about  THE COUPLE when I’m opening their special mail, hoping to get a glimpse of what’s to come of their wedding style for THE DAY; I for one like to document it this experience.  =) 

Lara and Brian are one classy couple who spared no expense on the paper aspect of their wedding (invitaitons).. but, it wasn’t entirely “paper”… it’s awsome and the first I’ve recieved in this form… here it is.. arrived boxed, wrapped and sealed with a label:  (I was THAT excited, the first photo was on my cell phone cam.)

boxed and wrapped!invitation box unwrapped!

2 family crests on side of label

purple+silver silk tafeta box

under the lid; in the box

engraved on plexiglass

Laura + Brian – beautiful invitation!  Absolutely LOVE the deep purple + midnight blue colors for your winter wedding! I can’t wait!