Anthropologie – February Goodness

While in NYC for Vday this year.. I had to stop by my one of my staple clothing stores, just to look at the window display – because God knows I am already on the site daily (you know, to add to my wishlist and keep a close eye.)  😉  By the way, I have found that “out of stock” items do come back “in stock” BUT only for a milisecond. If you add the item on your wish list in the size/color you need, you’ll know (when you check your wish list) when it available again. Maybe. But timing is everything. Here’s a snap of Anthro’s February window display in the Chelsea Market, NYC.

Window display. February 2011 - Chelsea Market, NYC

Speaking of wish lists, I was a bit sad that I didn’t grab a pair of shoes before it was gone around Christmas time; I just couldn’t justify it at the regular price. I kept thinking:  “Doh! I should have gotten it just to avoid day dreaming about it for forever.” Maybe it was worth it. February is nearly ending now and right when I was getting over my lost love, it came back in-stock AND on SALE! It imediately went into the cart, along with some “It’s Cold Outside” leggings (on SALE too!). 

"Raines Heels" Aren't they just darling! I can't wait to wear it!



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