Zapped Into A Gaga Wedding by The Fake Sartoralist

It started with a wedding photo with the girls and my love for outfitting (head, body, and feet!).  How perfect would it be to transform the girls into wearing something else…!?  What could my alter-wedding look like!?  And then …

clipdraw, delete, POW, Poof , zap !   Out from the Fake Sartoralist Magic Box:   my very own black-clad gaga wedding


See the original photo and read the story behind these black-clad ladies and their operative mission, as originally told by the Fake Sartoralist

And now, for my favorite Lady:   “Spike Girl”,  sporting her razor-sharp metal clogs and dress !  (and of course I love my headpiece too! …. and Lady Gaga-like, with the snow white hair to match the outfit.)

I don’t remember the last time I laughed with such love, reading my inbox! Thanks Eduardo!

(For the orginal Hollywood Gala-inspired wedding blog post click here.)

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