DIY – Flowers Part II: Bouquets

Here is Part II of Cindy Babuscio’s DIY Flower class on bouquets.  There is a surprisingly good amount of you DIY brides out there who plan on doing your own wedding flowers (at least the bouquets).  Here are some tips!
I highly recommend if you are doing your own wedding flowers, play around with different types of flowers; some last longer out of water than others, some are more fragile, some are easier/harder to work with. 
Some more reasons to play around with flowers well in advance of your wedding:
  1. Your favorite flower may not be in season and you will need to find an alternate or order it.
  2. You can determine how large you want your bouquet
  3. This will allow you to better estimate how much flowers you will need (in case some are fragile and break easily, or wilt easily, you will need extra!)
  4. You can test different color paletes
  5. You can estimate how long it will take to do your bouquet, and the others
  6. You can test how long the flowers will last and in what type of weather condition, etc.  (to prepare when to make it before the big day if you don’t have a fridge that can hold all your flowers)
There are lots to consider, but if you are a DIY bride all the way, you will reap satisfaction in producing your own!  Have fun! 
Here is a mixed bouquet of various types of flowers.  Making a mixed bouquet is a good way to sample all the different flowers and how they handle differently.  Thanks Cindy for providing the materials!  (Rose, Gerbera, Stock, Coffee Berry, Fern, Button mums)


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