Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Love Note for the Troops


CBTL's Love Note to the Troops

My good friend, Mike, and I use to play tennis on the weekends and then after our “workout” we’d go to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) to negate the calories we burned… and then we’d do it all over again the next weekend.  But he is now on a tour in Afganistan (since Feb) and I miss him picking me up from his house 200 yards away and going to tennis and coffee. 

So, I stopped by our local CBTL this weekend to buy a bunch of coffee beans (grinded and whole) to send over there.  When I told the staff at CB why I was buying so much, they gave me a military discount and threw in a little “love note” and some gift cards.. (how they’re suppose to use the gift cards in Afgan, I’m not sure…. but, maybe Mike wouldn’t mind giving it to his BFF!!!)  

Gotta love CBTL *Carlsbad* ! 

(Hopefully when Mike reads this, he’ll get a kick out of the term “love note”, being a leatherneck marine!) =)~

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