Tulips & Horsetail

I’ve been doing lots of small and medium arrangements for offices and shops but have not been good at taking photos and posting!  Hopefully you will see more catch-up blogging soon!

Here are 2 coordinating ones that I did for Funnel Mill Rare Coffee & Tea in Santa Monica, CA. They wanted something simple and bright with greenery to place on the coffee tables in front of the realllly comfy brown leather sofas!!!  Their shop has East Asian influences, so I thought I’d use some Horsetail (as it sort of reminds me of bamboo), and bright orange and yellow tulips (the color orange is in the brown family of colors and reminds me of coffee beans — the shape of tulips help too!)

One has an asymetric look to it, and the other is pretty symetric, with a bit of crazy flare (the only asymetric thing about it is the shear black wired ribbon!)  I hope you like it!

Coordinating arrangements for Funnel Mill Rare Coffee & Tea Shop


with hydrangeas


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