New York Fashion Week 2010!

During my Valentine’s Day getaway to NYC, not only was it a celebration of several holidays (Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and Mardi Gras…. it was New York Fashion Week @ Bryant Park also!!!   (Feb. 11-18, 2010).

I wanted to write a separate blog entry for FashionWeek, as it could easily stand on it’s own in length.  Being in NYC the same week as FashionWeek was… LOVELY, as Carrie Brashaw would say.  Even though I didn’t get to go into the tents, it’s exciting just to be on the block of Bryan Park, as this is the LAST year FashionWeek will be held @ Bryan Park

News is that NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, was pressed to find a new location, as there was increasing pressure to move FashionWeek to…… LOS ANGELES!  (wouldn’t that be FAB!)  Although I would love for it to be in LA, I think it belongs in NYC. Some things you just shouldn’t change!  

So, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and IMG Fashion announced a new location:  Lincoln Center, which is about 1 mile uptown from Bryant Park.  The Park was a great location as it was in close proximity to NY’s historic fashion center and designers could literally walk their clothes to the tents, but the good thing about Lincoln Center is that it would be able to provide more than 3 runways (which is the limit at Bryant Park) and that Lincoln Center  has one of the largest underground parking garages in the city.   Will more runways allow for more shows to take place at the same time? Will that mean shorter schedules? shorter fashion WEEK?  Or will this be an opportunity to squeeze in more designers?! Hopefully the later!   

Here are some photos of the hub took of me enjoying the fashion air outside the tents!    

Across the street from the Park… NYC is ready for Sex and The City 2!!!

I'm THE "K" in SignatureK!! I demand to be put back on the tent list! 😉

surounded by photographer papa-razzis!

the park

Since this IS a wedding blog.. I thought I’d post SOME of my favs from the Spring 2010 collections:   (If my hub would go through with it, I would get married over and over again just to wear these dresses!) 

Monique Lhuillier - Spring 2010: SOLEIL

Monique Lhuillier - Spring 2010: SUNDAY ROSE

Oscar de la Renda - Spring2010: 12N23

Vera Wang Spring2010 - THE black dress

The following are from Spring 2009, BUT, I really love these dresses so I’m posting them anyway. In the bridal world, a dress from “last season” is really not so bad!  =)    

Oscar de la Renta - Spring2009: 92E25

Oscar de la Renta - Spring2009: 92N42


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