A wedding that BANGS!

Having got bangs myself (and loving it!), I started to notice it more on others; you know, like when you’re with a girlfirend and her baby at the mall, you suddenly notice that everyone has a stroller!).  Well, I started to wonder how a bride with bangs would go about doing her fabulous hair with this style incorporated)… and then I stumbled upon Kelli & Sam’s wedding, featured on Green Wedding Shoes

Rarely do I see a bride with REAL BANGS! I just HAD to blog about it!  (The only other bride I’ve seen with REAL bangs is my fabulous cousin Minh-ha.  She was actually the one that inspired my cut!  Read about Minh-ha & Brian’s wedding here.)  If you think you can’t pull off BANGS (on a daily basis AND for your wedding), consider it again! Or try a photoshop test on yourself =) !  I think hairstyle is one of the funnest fashion statements you can make!  (PLUS, you don’t have to worry about perfect brows when you have bangs!).

Read more of Kelli’s wedding as she describes the fun parts of planning her wedding and some definate DO’s (her big ones:  you don’t have to have a big budget for a fab wedding, so incorporate hand made items (and start early), and hire a REALLY good photographer & videographer to provide a detailed documentary of your day). 

Love this picture below (hair, bouquets, hairpieces.. everything!)  (And notice… her Mom had bangs in her wedding photo, way back when! see 3rd photo below)

All photos were taken by: Erica Schneider

If you’re a stylish bride who had REAL BANGS for your wedding hair style, send me your photos or leave a comment with a link to it!   I so want to see it! signaturekevents@yahoo.com



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