Can’t Get Enough… Yellow + Grey!

When I was planning my own wedding these were some of the images that inspired me.  (Except the furniture pieces by West Elm, which was 2 seasons behind)!   

Retro-modern Chic-ness =)

Unfortunately while I was all over the internet, clipping away, I did not save the sites to some of these photos.  If you see your photo on this board, write me a comment so that I can find you again!  

Invitations with a retro grey pattern:
White linen tiered dress:  JCrew Summer 2009
Kate Hudson in a yellow lingerie-esque dress:  ELLE (spring cover)
All the furniture images are from West Elm‘s 2010 collection of yellow and grey paterns.. ahhhh…  (more to be posted on that later!)
Jessica Alba: random paparazzi photo
White Cataleya bouquet:

I actually wore the JCrew white dress to my small intimate church wedding the month before the BIG day.  And I also made my own white Cataleya orchid bouquet for the BIG day, much like the one pictured above.    Melody of Sweet & Saucy Shop made the simple perfect-shade-of-grey cake with a single white sugar Cataleya orchid (below), inspired by the orchid hairpiece pictured above. =)

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