Sneak Peek @ THE UtterlyEngaged Spankin’ New Years Party

Dispite the crazy rain we’ve been having all over California, I made my way to the UtterlyEngaged Spankin’ New Year Party (it was 20 days into the new year, so why not continue celebrating) ! 

All the fabulous professional event planners, designers, photoraphers and florists  that you’ve been reading about were under one roof to celebrate their love for all things wedding AND a wonderful new year of course!  — my kind of party!   There were also some great new bite-size-treat vendors who made their debut and provided the best cotton candy (pina colada flavored!), lychee orange vodka (MmMmmmMMMMMmmm!), and candied bacon from The Sticky Pig (oOooOooo  it was like nothing I’ve ever tasted!  SoOO delish!  It carries a BIG punch for a teeny tiny finger food).

Here’s a sneak peak (more to be posted after the publication of  UtterlyEngaged issue #8 ).  Check back soon!   (Thanks to UE for a GRRREAT party!)

From my take,  2010 weddings will scream FUN, Fun, FuN!  Also, lots of hand-made items and natural elements to be used! … just about ANY THING GOES!   Happy New Year!

Event Host:  UtterlyEngaged
Venue: Astor Classics Event Center (Anaheim, CA)
Event Photographer: Jasmine Star Photography

3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek @ THE UtterlyEngaged Spankin’ New Years Party

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