Statement Decor: Moss Balls & Tissue Balls

This post is looong over due.. but it’s here now!  During the start of the winter holidays, I have been seeing a lot of BALLS as decor!  The latest ones were very dramatic!  Hey, if you’re going to decorate, it’s gotta be an eye catcher no doubt!  I love..

Giant Moss Ball! While getting a bang trim by the sweetest stylist, Ben Crase @ Hyde-Edwards salon.. This was their xmas decor. Unfortunately I didn't take any other pictures around the salon.. but you can imagine, the design was carried throughout.. the BIG statement was at the front desk here.. =) (Dec.2009)

Anthropologie. One of my fav stores in which i should be spending less of my hard earned dollar on... but i love it so... Winter 2009 window display @ Anthropologie... (Carlsbad, CA)

Closeup.. made of various shades of white/ivory tissue paper or light-weight plastic sheets... (Carlsbad, CA)


2 thoughts on “Statement Decor: Moss Balls & Tissue Balls

  1. Hi Kien! I was at the Pasadena Anthropologie during the holidays and they had the same tissue balls, and I looooved them too!! That would be so pretty for a wedding.

    • OoOOo soo many pretty ideas for weddings..anthro is an inspiring place! just need weddings to implement them! I can’t get married 10 time! My husband will get tired! 😉

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