8 thoughts on “DIY Wishing Tree

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  2. Hello. Thanks for sharing the DIY Wishing Tree. One question…where did you get the planter box for the branches? I would like to make one for my brother’s wedding in DEC, but can’t find one like yours online. Please help! Thanks

    • Hi Kylie, the box was custom made by my friend’s florist, for her wedding. I know, it’s hard to find, I sugguest you make , that way it can be exactly how you want it! You can always reuse by spray painting it a different color later. Hope that helps!

  3. September 25th 2010 we begin our new journey as Mr. & Mrs.
    We could surely use your advice and well wishes.
    Share with us your wisdom about marriage, love & life.
    Let us in on the secret to being a loving husband, or respectful wife.
    Jot down a few words with insight we could use on our way.
    Please don’t drape your wish on our tree without signing your name today.
    Long after this day, whatever you pen we’re sure to treasure.
    Sometime in the future we will take your advice with… great measure!

  4. hi this is a fantastic idea, i would love to make one for my wedding in september. how far in advance do u think i could make this, without the flowers?

    • Thank you for stopping by! You can make the wish tree months in advance! Depending on the branch you use, some will slowly discolor/die (ie. a red manzanita branch), but you can just break of the dead tips. If you spray paint the branch, you can even start now!

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