OK! magazine Save-the-Date

OKmagLast month (April 2009) I sent unique save-the-dates out for my July 2009 wedding. Again, my best friend, Tina, is my planner (yes, a planner needs a planner!) and my very own invitation designer! We think alike so much that it kills me! I mentioned to her that Jayson and I didn’t want a typical save-the-date card and that we wanted something fun! I gave her some adjectives to describe our style and feel for the wedding: hip. stylish. off-beat. To that she said “like a celebrity wedding!” We ran with the OK! magazine cover as the save-the-date card; it turned out awsome and FUN! A few days after mailing it out, we got so many responses of pleasant and smiling surprise! Thank you TINA! Check her blog on it too!! In The Clouds Events blog. Next is unique INVITATIONS!

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